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Consumer And Enterprise Technology. Clearly Conservative.


“I want a team working for me. But all that’s out there are companies who could care less if I succeed.”

We should be your first stop after you organize. We'll help you stand at the top of your mountain.

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“We are conservative. You’ll be treated with respect”.

Our business is run with this ideal as our guide.

"If you ever feel you have been disrespected or we've been discourteous, let me know. I’ll try to make it right. That’s who we are."

-Alan Potasnik, Principal Partner

Fair And Honest Technology.

We're people like you.

The Point Betsie Internetwork

The Point Betsie Internetwork

The Point Betsie InterNetwork is an Internet and website design consulting group. We provide solutions and strategies which help your clients prosper. You'll get noticed. Dream your dreams. Shock The Web.

Smartway Hosting

Smartway Hosting

Smartway Hosting is the Original Conservative Web Host dealing in Republican hosting and domain names. Don’t put your business in the hands of people hostile to you.

Smartway Web Design

Smartway Web Design

The Original Conservative Web Design Firm. PRO REPUBLICAN - PRO CONSERVATIVE. Our business is run with these ideals as our guide. We believe a conservative philosophy is the guide to success.

Church Web Design

Church Web Design

Tasteful Christian themed WordPress websites. Our sites are all inclusive meaning no add-ons or unexpected expenses. Our pricing structure and site designs make everyone happy! Ask about a free one page website - no strings!

  • Let Us Help You Turn Your Great Idea Into A Great Business.

  • Information Technology To Help Our Clients Prosper.

  • Global Firm. Local Reach.

  • Consumer Technology That's Available To All.

We Are Helping Build A Conservative Culture.

Real People - Real Change.

We are looking to switch our hosting for our shop to another provider. We're not big. We made our website almost 2 decades ago with Microsoft Front page.. and now I am redesigning myself with WP. I'd prefer a company that is not (Go.....) or anything close to it!

Hi. I am an actor in Los Angeles who is conservative and I’ve been a Christian for about 50 years. I also talk about Jesus Christ quite a lot. I’m looking for web hosting that won’t get me silenced or edited or booted off or “canceled“.

I want to create my own conservative slash Republican website. I want to know if you guys could help me out with this. I don't know if you guys are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week, so I'm willing to talk after 11 p.m. Midnight.

I found you guys on the internet because a lot of these, you know, (Go.....) and a lot of these services are not conservative. I have a construction business. Even though I'm not going to have any controversial things on my website, I want to spend my money with conservatives.

Contact Us: / 317.426.7377

We will not produce or host a site that is smutty, vile, or anti-American nor employ illegal workers or violate the Federal Immigration Reform and Control Act of 1986. These are scary times, but our rates are not. All of our companies offer flexible terms and reasonable rates. In most cases, we can offer you terms with no carrying charges.